Light painting is hard.  Little did we know when the idea to execute a light painting video came about, that we would be spending the most of the night in the woods trying to get it right.

The end result turned out great and it’s one of my favorite videos that we’ve made so far.  It was also one of the more challenging! To get the “Lights” lighting painting to write onto the screen we had to do it frame by frame.  At 24 frames a second we shot a few hundred images each, with a progressively longer stroke for each letter.  For example, frame one was just a small portion of the “L”.  Frame two, a little more and so on until the whole “L” was written.  Then we moved onto the “I” and at that point each frame was the full “L” and part of the “I”.  While time consuming, it gave the text an organic feel that you just can’t replicate with computer generated effects.

While the light painting was the most challenging part, the portion of the video people seemed to connect with the most was the opening.  The happy smiling people, or as we began to refer to them as our “GAP” actors, really drive a lot of the energy in this video. The cool thing about the opening was that it was all shot by the creek at the Green Oaks campus in-between the south lot and the main building.  Multiple creative camera angles and many passes through the same spot give the feel of a journey into the woods.

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