One billion tiny little nails and that’s totally not an exaggeration….

Nail after nail after nail we hammered them all into a dry erase board then we wrapped each one  with colored twine.  Add in a professional voice over artist and you’ve got the Threads series video.  Total number of nails somewhere between 900 and a billion, and between a yard and 200 yards of twine, just in case you were wondering.  We started with a point grid printed out on several sheets of paper that were lined up and taped to our background which was just a sheet of raw dry erase board from Home Depot.  Each nail was hammered into it’s appropriate spot then a semi random pattern of inter woven twine was wrapped around each nail.

The process of making the Threads board was filmed from multiple angles and in a few of my favorite shots we used a 100mm macro lens to get the extreme close up details. Within the series, we also created a video discussing/comparing the different faiths. You can check it out below:

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