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The Confession Catalyst

The topic for the second week of Detestable Me was “The Great Confession”. To help drive home the main idea of the morning, we put together a large scale visual illustration that everyone in the room was able to participate in. Read More…

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Rope…Lots of Rope

As we geared up for the first two series of the fall, our team wanted to put up a generic backdrop across all three campus that would look great and hold up well over a nine week time span. I had seen a cool room divider idea using rope on pinterest and thought it might be something we could try and implement somehow in our staging. Read More…

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The Break Up – Taylor Swift Style

W e decided to go a little out of the box with a video element to kick off Detestable Me. Everyone has a part of themselves they wish they could just “break up” with…so why not capitalize on a song from the queen of break-ups herself. Read More…

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Calling All Artists

Creative mediums are powerful communicators. Music, painting, sculpture, and other forms of visual expression can speak to the soul in a unique and powerful way. God is the ultimate creative mind, and we are made in His image…therefore we also have the ability to create. Our creations, in turn, can influence and inspire. This is where you come in.

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