The Break Up – Taylor Swift Style

W e decided to go a little out of the box with a video element to kick off Detestable Me. Everyone has a part of themselves they wish they could just “break up” with…so why not capitalize on a song from the queen of break-ups herself. In order to communicate our struggle to distance ourselves from, well ourselves, we wanted to create a good and bad character for the shoot. The idea was to put her in a few quick scenarios that communicate the same person, but with different choices and attitudes. Brittany, our awesome TSwift stand in, had to lip sync this song a million times (at least it seemed like a million) both as a good and bad persona. We put “bad” Brittany in front of a black back drop and utilized wardrobe and make-up to create her devious alter ego.

After we had captured what we needed, we switched gears to the “good” Brittany. Make-up and wardrobe changes took a lot of time throughout the shoot since it took around twenty minutes every time we needed to make a character switch.

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Although we filmed scenes for the entire song, we cut the final product to two minutes to give it more punch. Once we added the alter egos from each of our campus pastors, we knew we had a funny video that would lead them into an opening discussion about the series. This particular element only worked when coupled with an explanation of our daily struggle to distance ourselves from the things we struggle with and our tendency to act in a way that does not align with our new identity in Christ.

Overall, we got great feedback from our services and people were able to connect the dots of meaning behind this illustrative opener. The demands for Facebook posts were heavy after this one, but for your viewing pleasure, we’re going to let you see the full lip sync from each of our campus pastors below!