Worship is critical to our spiritual health. Hearing God’s Word, expressing our love to Him, and experiencing vibrant Biblical community is a beautiful part of growing as a believer. What’s even sweeter is when families get to experience worship together. Our first ever FamJam was a worship service geared towards the whole family…and creative people just like you helped make it happen!

From the moment you walked into the building, the FamJam energy was fantastic. The first stop for many of our families was the retro home photo op. Watching families laugh, pose, and snap LOTS of pictures was really fun. Even our Mansfield West Campus Pastor, Scott Oldenburgh, joined in on the fun. By the way, if your living room looks like the one in the backdrop, then it’s not retro…it’s retro chic!

The next step was getting inside the room for interactive games leading up to our service. From “extreme Jenga” to the classic “Gorilla, Man, Gun”, fun and prizes were had by all. If you have experience with events, event planning, or even job fairs, your insight could help us create environments that generate energy and excitement at Rush Creek!

The actual service kicked off with a simple, but strategic countdown video featuring several Rush Creek families reading the theme verse for the evening together. We used our portable Story Booth set up to capture this footage on a Sunday morning at the Green Oaks campus. If you are interested in helping with our Story Booth (video, hosting, editing), then make sure you are signed up to receive info about upcoming opportunities at http://rccreative.org/join!

After the countdown, we jumped right into a great time of worship and interactive teaching. Our production crew also put together this video highlighting the unrealistic picture that parents often envision when it comes to spiritually leading in their homes. This sketch was written and filmed by members of our creative community. We utilized actors from Rush Creek as well. Brainstorming, writing, editing, and acting are all vital roles within the RC Creative community.

To sum things up, FamJam was awesome. But it takes a lot of people to make any event or element awesome…which is why we’re so grateful for RC Creative. You help us get the good news of Jesus out to our people in unique ways. Thank you! Take a look at some more pics from FamJam below!