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Why RC Creative Matters

If you haven’t ever attended one of our elements classes, then warning: spoilers to follow. The Elements experience has been an incredible one over the past three years, and part of it’s unique character stems from several creative moments throughout the morning. One of which is a live painting during communion (after some other cool build up). Our normal painter was unavailable for our most recent class, so we needed to find a replacement on fairly short notice. And we found that incredibly talented artist from within our RC Creative community. And his first contribution was awesome.  Read More…

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The promo video for our Freeway series is one of the more elaborate shoots that our team has undertaken this year. What many people at Rush Creek don’t realize is that a 90 second video like this is often the result of months of preparation. The concept for this particular shoot was locked in nearly four months before it aired. The in-between time was spent writing scripts, capturing voice-overs, story boarding scenes, recruiting actors, and even practicing our drone flying skills. All in hopes of connecting people to a common desire to find freedom and friendship.

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New Life in a New Way

We love celebrating baptisms and life change at Rush Creek. As we were gearing up for our annual Rush Week night of worship, our team wanted to incorporate baptisms from all three campuses into our service. So we decided to build a pool IN THE WORSHIP CENTER. And we’re not talking your run of the mill “kiddie” pool. We went BIG with a 16 foot long, 8 foot wide, 3,800 gallon beast that could hold up to 10 people at a time. We had BIG expectations of God for the night, and He didn’t disappoint. Read More…

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Lights and Lumber

Ah, set change. We love novelty here at Rush Creek, and the occasional backdrop redesign helps keep things fresh (at least to those of us who tend to re-arrange our furniture regularly). Our undertaking this time seemed simple enough: a cool herringbone wood wall and another appearance of the always popular Edison bulbs. This should only take a few hours, right?

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As we finished up our series #wisdom, we asked those at our Green Oaks campus to be transparent about some of the biggest decisions they’ve faced in their lifetimes. The sheer magnitude of many of their written responses exposed our great need for supernatural wisdom. We took their responses and created a sermon bumper to kick off the last message of the series across campuses. Check out the final product in this post! Read More…

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