Monthly Archives: February 2017

Mod Scenes and More

Check out our latest staging project that launched during week one of “It’s Complicated”. A HUGE thanks to all of the RC Creative volunteers that came out to help us put this back drop together! Take a look inside today’s post to see how it was done and how you can join us on a future project Read More…

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Reaching & Remembering the One

The past three weeks at Rush Creek have been incredible. Our campus pastors have been teaching through Luke 15, redirecting our attentions back towards the “Ones” that God has placed in our lives. These are the people we encounter everyday who are far from God, yet clearly within our circles of influence. We’ve been challenged to re-align our hearts with Jesus and his mission to pursue the lost. This short video captures the heart of our series and highlights several creative elements we’ve utilized to help us keep these people in front of our eyes. Read More…

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