Exhibit 1: Power

Check out the “Power” exhibit from our On The Road tour here!

The Exhibits

We’ve never created an interactive museum before, but what a fun project “On the Road” ended up being. Before you read on to find out more about our “Power” exhibit, watch this video to get a quick glimpse of our people interacting with the displays at our first event!

The Marquee

The Build

This particular exhibit was tricky, mainly because it was so big. We had to adjust the layout and components for each campus to ensure that it would fit in the commons areas. We started off by making our “roof” from a large metal ring that we used on a previous project. At first we tried to use metals poles to support the ring, but couldn’t keep everything stable enough to support the weight. For plan B, we ended up using 8in triangle truss towers instead. Once these were mounted, the framework for the center “gazebo” type structure was solid. We lined the inside and outsides of the ring with led ribbon strips and also built a sign mount for the top.

As we we were experimenting, we also learned that when you touch a plasma ball and lean up against a metal truss…you get a nasty shock. Fortunately, our interns were the ones who discovered this problem (don’t tell them we said so…one of them still can’t comb his hair down flat). We remedied this issue by making column covers from 8ft sheets of black coroplast. This ended up working from both a functional and an aesthetic standpoint. From there we set up five tables, the outer ones had 10 inch plasma balls and the center table had a larger 15 inch ball.

The Interaction

Once people stepped up to each table, an exhibit host would talk about how light is distributed from the power source in the church. We had some really fun “experiements” that helped us paint a picture of our mission to be light in the darkness. From lighting up flourescent tube bulbs to making closed “people circuits” were were able to clearly illustrate how God’s people can light up the darkness in our communities!