Welcome to Rush Creek’s Worship Arts blog. BEFORE your wild, carefree, creative self starts perusing our site, read this post. It will tell you how to navigate our page and, more importantly, how to join in on the fun! So seriously….don’t click on anything until you’ve read the instructions. 

So here at Rush Creek, we create a LOT of stuff. We create videos. We create graphics. We craft worship experiences. We build stage sets. We arrange music. We paint, draw, sing, brainstorm, dance, act, and tame wild animals (or at least have aspirations to tame wild animals). Our staff puts a ton of time into planning and executing great experiences for you and your family. Our hope is that we can foster unique environments that will point people to Jesus.

Now let’s be clear at the outset. Creative elements don’t change people’s hearts. They can, however, redirect people’s attentions towards the One who can change hearts. Our hope is that everything we create will, in some small way, help break down barriers and open our eyes to the reality of God’s work in and around us. But we need your help.

As our church continues to grow, so does our pool of uniquely gifted and creative people like you. Even if you wouldn’t consider yourself the stereotypical “creative type”, God has ingrained in you certain gifts that can be used for His church. And we believe that there are outlets for you to exercise those unique gifts in our creative teams at Rush Creek. How you ask? Well, just follow these easy steps:

  1. Check out our blog posts: Here you will get a behind the scenes look at many of our recent projects and see how we create cool stuff. You can peruse randomly or search by categories that interest you and align with your skill sets. Our hope is that you will be inspired by these creative endeavors and want to help us create more in the future.
  2. Find Your Fit: On the home page, click the menu button and then the “creatives” link. Here you will find a list volunteers that our team utilizes on a regular basis. You’ll see everything from actors to story editors. Find areas that interest you and reflect your personal giftings. We have places for EVERYONE. Even if you can’t carry a tune or draw a stick figure, you can still be part of our creative teams!
  3. Join our Creative Cloud: On the side bar of every blog post you’ll see a “join” button. You can also click the menu button on the home page and then select “Join RC Creative”. This link will take you to a short online form to get you plugged into our Creative Arts data base. Then, as opportunities in your areas of interest arise, we will contact you about joining in. For example, if we need three actors for an upcoming shoot, we will send out an email to every actor in our cloud database with the details and times. If the project is a good fit for you, then you can respond and join in. If not, you can disregard and wait for another opportunity. It’s as easy as that!

We hope to get hundreds of great volunteers linked into our creative community this year. We’ll also continue to update this site with posts highlighting the many ways Rush Creek is creatively doing ministry in our communities. Come create with us.