Worship is critical to our spiritual health. Hearing God’s Word, expressing our love to Him, and experiencing vibrant Biblical community is a beautiful part of growing as a believer. What’s even sweeter is when families get to experience worship together. Our first ever FamJam was a worship service geared towards the whole family…and creative people just like you helped make it happen! Read More…

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The Circle of Life: Our Process

First of all, go ahead and get all thoughts of Simba and Elton John out of your head. We won’t be addressing the dramatic landscape of life on the African plains in this post. What we will do is talk through the process that takes us from a small idea to a fully developed series. Read More…

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Happy Days

The theme for this year’s RCMA’s was a 50’s Sock Hop. We needed a fun element to kick off the night, so our worship staff decided to remake the Happy Days theme song video. The results were ridiculous, but that’s what we were shooting for!

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